Don’t take just our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers had to say about our products and services.

August 2015 – Comment from satisfied customer after the purchase of a 1988 MF29XP Combine earlier this year to salesman Clive Parker “Hi Clive, My wee combine worked a treat on the winter barley, never put a spanner on it. A great wee article to work with. We gave it a polish and put on new radials for our steep wet land. Every single thing on it works,even the air con is ice cold! Many thanks for your help”

Mr J Robinson, Ireland. “A great Wee article to work with! Many thanks For your help.”

April 2014 – Customer from our Louth Depot on purchasing his new Westwood TS ride-on lawnmower commented ” Kindly convey my thanks and complements to Darren Johnson on a “Job well done”. Darren’s commendable customer focus and attention to detail have made this one of the most significant purchases I have experienced for many years”.  Well done Darren!

Garden Machinery Customer, Alford. “One of the most satisfactory and smooth significant purchases I have experiened in many years”

The Fixed Installation Branch of Peacocks & Binnington designed and installed a new grain store for Dan Albone at his farm at Crowle. Working in conjunction with L. Harrison of Eastoft, a 4000T store was erected. It is made up of 3 areas of storage, 2 drying areas and 1 dry store area. The store has 2x axial fans, 1x modulating gas fired burner and 1x stirrer that uses a hoist and pulley system to swap the stirrer from side to side when necessary.

Dan Albone commented “How efficient the whole process from start to finish was. The design of the system made drying far more efficient than the farm has been used to. As we store potatoes on the same site, we are able to dry all the grain before we start to chill the potatoes, as we have a power supply issue. This also gives us the scope to sell if the market is right as all the crop was dry within a fortnight of being combined. He continued “My family and I have dealt with Peacock & Binnington’s for over 50 years, which in itself, speaks volumes”

Dan Albone, Crowle. “My Family & I have dealt with Peacock and Binnington’s for over 50 years, which in itself, speaks volumes.”

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