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FIXED INSTALLATIONS is a separate Branch of P&B. Specialising mainly in Grain Drying and Electrical services, the branch is looking to develop and expand further into other areas of work. With the determination of the Fixed Installations Manager, Stuart Jackson, Fixed Installations Service Manager, Kez Deeley and the backing of his team, who have many years of experience and knowledge, we will be sure to turn up the heat and make sparks fly. We’ll be putting new and innovative ideas into action whilst maintaining the excellent service and relationships with customers and suppliers that are provided today.

Not many people realise the extent of the services Fixed Installations offer. We currently provide Construction, Mechanical and Electrical services, plus Parts and Maintenance.

Stuart Jackson
Kez Deeley

The Scope of our business

Grain Drying Systems are our main service. We provide the full service, from designing the layout of the Grain Drying Store, to the architecture of the building, to the erection of the building. Our service continues with supplying and fitting the dryer system, electrical installation and we can even manufacture customised parts on site or in our workshop.

For existing Grain Dryers, we inspect the conditions of the system, i.e. Stirrers, Conveyors, Elevators, Burners and supply a written report. If a repair is needed and has been carried out and completed, we will provide documentation to comply with the Crop Assurance Scheme.

 As an extra, we offer an inspection of Drier Fan Bearings and Balance and give a written report on their condition. Any work required, both labour and parts, can be carried out by P&B Fixed Installations.

Mechanical Services – This is mainly Welding and Fabrication and includes manufacturing Gates, Barriers, Cage’s etc by our skilled technicians. Most of the manufactured parts are custom built to the customer’s needs and specifications. We also repair existing parts, and two of the technicians’ vans are equipped with welder generators for on site work. We perform repairs on cultivation equipment as well.

Electrical Services – We are NICEIC approved electrical contractors. We electrically inspect existing installations and we also certify all new installations. We install lighting, power supplies etc and we regularly service electrical items and repair or replace when needed.

Parts Service – We provide parts not just for the Grain Drying Systems but electrical parts, welding and fabrication parts too. We keep a wide range of parts in stock, ranging from steel and chain for grain driers to light bulbs. We deal with many different suppliers so ordering parts is very efficient.

Fully Trained Technicians -P&B Fixed Installations technicians are factory trained for Skandia, Svegma Dryers, Harvest installation stirrers and burners, Opico Batch driers.

Constant Humidity Controller Service  – This includes: a complete electrical inspection, re-calibration and checking of the RH sensor.

A complete inspection of the Gas Train, checking for leaks and reporting on the condition, cleaning the machine and gas filter. Once the service has been carried out and completed, we run and test the unit and provide documentation to comply with the Crop Assurance Scheme. However, this agreement does not cover equipment involved with the drying process or any replacement parts. Any additional work required will be reported to the customer and charged as an extra.

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