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Great Plains

Synonymous in the UK Agricultural market for quality, strength and innovation, leading the way in cultivation, soil looseness and soil consolidation.

The company’s ethos of quality extends way beyond product development and manufacture. Expert technical advice based on many years of experience together with dependable parts and service have also been key in building the company’s reputation for outstanding dealer support and customer care.


Every farming operation has diverse needs, and Great Plains has cultivators to meet all those needs. They have focused their cultivator line around dependability and unconventional features that make their products stand out from the competition.

Whether you need shallow cultivations as part of grass weed control strategy, stubble cultivation incorporating residue, cultivation and levelling of vegetable ground or ploughed land or a cultivator to carry out a number of operations in a single pass then Great Plains has the right product for you.

Presses & Consolidation

Effective consolidation plays a crucial, but often under-appreciated part in modern arable farming. Great Plains offer a range of components that are designed to achieve excellent results on a range of soil types, and ensure users achieve the full benefits of consolidation. These include effective soil to seed/root contact to enable efficient nutrient transfer and minimal moisture loss, which is especially important in dry areas where crops which lack moisture suffer badly. Good consolidation also improves drainage and water infiltration, a key factor in wet years where a good, consolidated soil structure ensures the capillaries are connected allowing water unrestricted passage through the soil profile keeping the roots healthy due to good soil balance. Last but not least, it can reduce soil erosion, as the soil is both structured and stable – an essential consideration for farming vulnerable soils.

Soil Looseners

Soil is agriculture’s most valuable asset. Nurtured and managed well it is key to healthy crop establishment and good yields. One of the biggest challenges faced by many arable farmers today is compaction of the soil structure. Great Plains offers a range of soil looseners that can eliminate the compaction layers created by the plough, disc harrow or cultivator, which can adversely affect yields and form a barrier to essential moisture. As well as maintaining a uniform soil structure, sub-soiling helps to keep soil organisms, such as worms, alive and reduces surface compaction from tractors and combines. The Great Plains range offers a variety of tine systems and configurations, for shallow or deeper working and for operations where minimal surface disturbance is required

Cultivator Drills

The ability to cultivate, consolidate and drill in one operation offers significant time and cost-saving benefits.  Great Plains’ line of Cultivator Drills combine European knowledge with proven technologies from North America.  The Centurion offers full cultivation and is ideally suited to reduced tillage and plough-based systems.  While the Saxon offers minimal disturbance seeding in a small 3-5 cm strip with its innovative Turbo Coulter.

For more information on the Great Plains range of equipment or to arrange a demo, please contact your local area Sales Person or contact head office on 01652 600200.

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