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Are you unsure of which mower is for you? Cant make your mind up on your next lawn mower.
Why not use our lawn mower selector to help you decide.
Its Quick and simple and will give you a selection of mowers to choose from.


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How big is your lawn (in relation to a tennis court)?

Size of Lawn

We use Tennis Court Sizes to help Identify which Mower is best suited to your needs, but if you are unsure of what your garden is in relation to a tennis court please see below.

1/4 Tennis Court - Small = Up to 200 sq. m.
1/2 Tennis Court - Medium= 200 to 400 sq. m.
1 Tennis Court - Large = 400 to 8000 sq. m.
>1 Tennis Court - Extra Large = Over 800 sq. m.

Please be aware that if your garden has lots of border edges and intricate areas you may need a smaller lawn mower to help navigate your garden correctly.
If you feel this is you then select the size below your gardens to enure you get a machine more suitable.

What type of mower would you like?

Type of Mower

The type of mower you select helps identify what sort of machine you are looking for.
Please be aware of the location your mower will be stored, the Plug socket access from your garden and the size of your garden when selecting.
Knowing the answer to these will ensure the mower type will be perfectly suited to your needs.

What type of lawn finish?

Lawn Finish

Everybody has different opinions on how a lawn should look when freshly cut.
Some people prefer a neat Striped finish and others just want to see it looking clean and fresh.
Different machines can produce different finishes.
To get a neat Striped finish you will need a mower with a roller to help lean the grass after cutting.
The answer you give to this question will determine if the machine for you has a rear roller or not.

Fine/striped = Rear Roller
Informal = 4 wheeled machine / no roller

Do you want to mulch the grass?


To Mulch or not.
Mulching the grass (also know as recycling the grass) is achieved by the mower being set up to finely cut the grass using the mower blade and then leave the mulch chippings on the grass bed.
The benefits of this are a thicker and healthy lawn over time.


Do you want to collect the cut grass?

Do you want the mower to drive itself?

Mower Drive

Do you want to push the mower round your garden or would yould you like the mower to assist you by being driven (Self Propeled).
Having a mower that is Driven (Self Propelled) can assist you the user by utilising the engine to drive the mower forwards so that all the user has to do is guide the mower around your lawn.
A Push mower relies on the user to push and guide the mower around the lawn.
Having a Driven (Self Propelled) mower is more costly, however it takes the effort out of mowing.

Would you like to start the mower with a key?

Starting with a Key

Do you want to start the mower with a simple turn of the key or do you prefer to start using the recoil.
Which ever option you prefer will determine which mowers are displayd to you.
Having a key start your mower takes the worry and effort away from getting your mower started.

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